Minutes of Classis Iakota

September 2020 Minutes

September 2020 Agenda

March 2020 Minutes

June 2020 Minutes

March 2020 Agenda

June 2020 Agenda

March 2019 Minutes

September 2019 Minutes

May 2018 Minutes

September 2019 Agenda

March 2018 Minutes

September 2018 Minutes

March 2017 Minutes

September 2017 Minutes

March 2016 Minutes

September 2016 Minutes

Minutes of the last five years are included here.  Digital copies of minutes from years 2000-present may be obtained by emailing the Stated Clerk.  Years prior to 2000 are held in the archives of the CRCNA in Heritage Hall, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI.  Permission to access those records may be requested from the Stated Clerk.

Additional Documents

Rules of Classical Procedure

List of Classical Functionaries

Classical Credentials - DOC

Classical Ministry Shares 2020

2020 CRC Ministry Share

Remittance Form

Classical Ministry Shares 2019

2019 CRC Ministry Share

Remittance Form

Ministry Shares 2020 with brief description of each ministry

Application for Classis Iakota Church Plant Grant Fund

Application for Classis Iakota Mission Renewal Grant Fund

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